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    Teaches students how to Apply concepts to unfamiliar situations - the only way to get high grades in exams.


    Hundreds of high quality, guided questions which vary the context and mix up problems. Students will become confidence and fluent in recognising new situations.


    Step by step worked examples with visual explanations and prompt questions to get students following the thinking.


    Students can use the book independently, with hints for getting unstuck, and full answers to check their working. It's also write-on format.

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Push up low and middle achievers.

Applying knowledge is one of students' biggest challenges at GCSE, according to AQA's examiners. As apply is worth 40% of the marks, it's vital students learn how to do it.

What doesn’t work: just practising past papers in Year 10/11.

If practice were enough, all students would do well! But they don't.  What good students learn to do is abstract a general 'template' for each type of problem, from the details of specific questions. Then they can recognise a new situation as just another instance of the problem type they know how to solve. This is hard for low and middle achievers.

What does work? Teach Apply from Year 7

The Mastery Practice Book uses a systematic approach for teaching 'apply', based on cognitive science and masses of practice. We have created 54 problem types, spanning all Year 7 concepts. For each one there's a detailed worked example with visual explanations, and a 3-step approach to solving problems: detect, recall, solve. Then it's 'your turn', carefully crafted variations on the problem that act as stepping stones to develop students' confidence. Finally, each chapter has 'mixed up problems', to help students become more fluent at recognising the knowledge to use in each situation.

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Vol 1 Mastery Practice Book


Can I return the books if I don't like them? Yes, there is a 30-day guarantee on our books. We will refund the cost and you only pay the return postage. The books need to be received in their original condition.

How is the Practice Book different to the Mastery Assessment Pack? 
The two products complement each other.  The Practice Book is for teaching towards mastery, to help students learn to apply knowledge. The questions are supported by worked examples, and are carefully guided. We also developed a Mastery Assessment Pack to check for mastery. It uses a diagnostic multiple-choice quiz format to identify specific weaknesses and misconceptions.  The concepts covered are the same, but the questions are different. Either product can be used on its own, or used together to increase their effectiveness.  

Who is the book aimed at? It was written to help year 7 students learn to transfer the scientific knowledge to unfamiliar situation. It can also be used by students in other years to improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts. Learning to apply is what will give students access to the 60% of marks at GCSE that demand more than recalling content. The book uses a research-based approach to teach students how to solve different types of problems. 

What content does the book cover? The Practice Book has a chapter on each unit in the year 7 curriculum, based on a 5-year curriculum and AQA's KS3 Science Syllabus. Download the sample material to see exactly what concepts and types of problems are included.

Is it re-usable or write-on? Both! It's designed  to be re-usable for classrooms. There are also write-on sections for students to use the book individually at home.

What is the cost for international orders?
We will quote you a competitive shipping rate after you order. 

Who am I buying from? Mastery Science is an expert curriculum development and publishing company. We have sold thousands of textbooks and assessment materials to hundreds of schools. Contact address: Mastery Science Ltd, 37 Crowborough Lane, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HE.

What's in the Practice Book?

  • "I am programming in time to tackle the problems - some in class, some for homework and pulling out one or two questions for the end of unit assessment. I am expecting pupils to understand that they can apply their knowledge to everyday situations."

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