Mastery learning system to boost achievement



    Effective formative assessment starts by knowing exactly what students know. Our diagnostic quiz reveals which part of which idea students struggled with, and any misconceptions.


    Mastery is about making students feel successful, so there's a '2nd chance' mastery quiz, with similar questions, so they can demonstrate they have made progress.


    Students who didn't reach the cut-off score with Know questions do an activity to review the basics. Those who didn't get Apply practise using the idea in new situations.


    Students who reached the cut-off score get a reward - to motivate everyone. It’s an engaging, challenging activity based on the Extend learning objectives.

Sample material

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The diagnostic quizzes thoroughly test ideas AND misconceptions.


A ready-to-go-solution to get the benefits of mastery learning

Mastery learning is proven to raise achievement, especially for weaker students. 

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  • Philippa Sharpe, Gartree High School
    The Gravity resources are superb
    Philippa Sharpe, Gartree High School
  • Deep Ghatura, Crest Academy
    A highly ambitious and much needed curriculum and assessment framework. We look forward to delivering it.
    Deep Ghatura, Crest Academy

The Starter Pack


When will the full pack be published, at what cost? Yes! The complete Year 7 pack will be published at the beginning of 2018.  We estimate the complete Y7 pack will cost around £300. 

If I buy the Starter Pack, what will the full pack cost?  You will simply pay the difference, which we estimate to be £150.


How is the Mastery Assessment Pack different to the Practice Book? The two products are designed to complement each other.  The Practice Book is for the teaching towards mastery, to support students in learning to apply knowledge. The questions are open response. The Mastery Assessment Pack is to check for mastery, using a diagnostic quiz to identify specific weaknesses and misconceptions. The questions are multiple choice.  The concepts covered are the same, but the questions are different. Either product can be used on its own, or together to increase the effectiveness. 

How was the price decided? We developed Mastery Science based on the research in mastery learning which indicates the need for accurate diagnostic information,  high quality re-learning, and mastery re-assessment The price is based on development costs. Our expert team carefully creates the quizzes to reveal students' grasp of complex Ideas and misconceptions.  This video shows how they were constructed. We write Re-learns specifically to tackle these. We are piloting all our materials, and the price will include updates. Other publishers' products are either based on (freely available) past papers, or focus on testing Key Words rather than complex ideas.

Can the Mastery Assessment Pack be a Pupil Premium intervention? Absolutely! The Government’s Educational Endowment Fund (EEF) concluded that Mastery is one of the few strategies where there is evidence that it can close the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and others. Mastery on average can produce an extra 5 months of learning gains every year. Mastery revolves around giving students accurate learning feedback  - the top strategy on the list.

Who am I buying from? Scholio Ltd is a small publisher who sold educational materials and textbooks for science upd8 and the WIKID course to hundreds of schools.

Why no Re-learn/Extend activities for Skills ? Skills teaching is spread over time. We anticipated that a combination of feedback and more practice would be enough to make progress.

  • Y9 Students, Gartree High School.
    I like this way of learning better. It tells me exactly what I did wrong and where I need to improve.
    Y9 Students, Gartree High School.
  • The children are really enjoying the system and I find it a simple way of running an outstanding science lesson!
    Nick Chapman, Town Close Prep School
  • Whoever dares replace levels with mastery assessment stands to reap the benefits, for teacher’s instruction and feedback, and pupils’ memory and achievement.
    Joe Kirby, Michaela Community School/Blogger

Discover the benefits of mastery learning on students' achievement and attitude to learning.

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